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신장5'10" - 6" [175센티미터 - 185센티미터]
무게120 - 140 파운드 [55 - 63 킬로그램]
언어러시아어, 영어
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I like intelligent men who know how to keep sexual dialogue.
내 소개
I'm a sweet gorgeous girl is ready execute your most sexual fantasies
내 기분을 상하게 하는 것
I do not like rude men.

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1. Brian_Griffin
2. Thomasz00
3. Black0Adder

Love to travel! Want to see the whole world!

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Surprises for me !!!
amyreyd Surprises for me !!! custom pic 1

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Second place among women
16. 12. 19.

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Романтический ужин на крыше небоскреба
Романтический ужин на крыше небоскреба
Люблю мужчин с фантазией, которым не нужно говорить о своих желаниях и делать выбор как провести досуг или свидание. Люблю играть в игры которые предлагает мужчина. Романтический ужин на крыше, как вариант, достоин восхищения, а качество его организации моего расположения.
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A large collection of shoes.
A large collection of shoes.
Туфли это 50% успеха образа женщины. Их разнообразие и качество обязательно.
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A parachute jump !!!
A parachute jump !!!
I love the adrenaline !!
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댓글 (38)
17. 2. 11.
7 months. Long time. We've been through a lot. True friends, there are so few, so few... and you're one of them. You... because you have such a gift for life. You grab hold of it with both hands. You move, you dance, you know how to make the rain and the sunshine in a home. You have this incredible gift for making people around you happy. You're so at ease, so at ease on this little planet
17. 2. 11.
For every step that you take in your life, remember, I’m right behind you, always there with you. There is a mutual trust between us, and I appreciate it very much Amy. Good friends keeps your secrets for you. Best friends helps you keep your own secrets. ) Happy anniversary for us!
17. 2. 4.
Please, wear more often pantyhose xxxxxxxxxx just love it
17. 2. 2.
красивая и сладкая, ты лучшая.
17. 2. 1.
Ты такая сексуальная !
17. 1. 15.
AMYeres lomejor q me a passado regubenesi 20 baños al obserbar tu sinpatia ,tu risa,tu sensualidad,lamujer,gracias por alegrar este dia ,lodelvino es un mimoseo te los mandopor encomienda y los retiras,a tu nombre,y nohay compromiso de fono,direccion si te complica me gustariamandartelos,amola bellesa de tu ser,tb de la mujer q hay ,la mujerota ,un beso.
17. 1. 11.
6 months.. i adore you, you crazy, you gorgeous, wonderful girl.

„Perhaps nothing is more beautiful in the world, than finding a person, into whose soul we can put down the secrets of our heart, the one we can trust, whose nice face chases away the sadness of our souls, whose simple presence is enough for us to be cheerful and very happy.”
—Ernest Hemingway

Happy anniversary for us!
17. 1. 1.
I wish you in this new year, to remain happy and joyful, and to be successful in all phases of life.
Wishing you beautiful moments, treasured memories, and all the blessings a heart can know.
May true happiness longevity and fortune be with you this new year and always.
My care for you will remain the same even in a coming year, my dear friend.
Happy new year Amy!
16. 12. 24.
Эми, я хотел бы поблагодарить тебя за твою работу в течение всего года, и за твое внимание, что ты дала мне за все это время. Я очень рад, что могу назвать тебя своим другом.
16. 12. 24.
Having you as my friend makes me feel as if it is Christmas every day. The warmth and comfort that comes with this season reminds me of you. Merry Christmas to You!